It Would Be Swell If The Wild Would Win A Playoff Game

The first two games of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs have been problematic to say the least for the Minnesota Wild.

Ok, so things escalated quickly in Winnipeg.

Having a 2-1 lead in the third period in game one seems like eons ago. Since then, the Wild have been bullied up and down the ice. The part that really sucks? This is all too familiar territory for us here in Minnesota.

How? How on earth does this keep happening? It makes no sense. The NHL has the most parity by far when it comes to the 4 major sport leagues. How does a team that makes the playoffs consistently never win one of the first two games in a series. It’s not like it’s the coaching, both Mike Yeo and Big Bruce Boudreau have both had the same thing happen. Hell, Mike Yeo won the first two games just last season against the Wild (man I hate that guy).

So now what? The boys are back home now, which should hopefully even things out somewhat. The rumor is Matt Dumba isn’t 100%, which isn’t that big of a surprise when the guy has literally been on the ice for half the series so far. Spurgeon isn’t 100% and you can tell. He’s been sort of a ghost these first two games. Anyone who thinks Suter is trash should not have an opinion after watching this series so far. Not having #20 back there has been debilitating. Also can someone find out who kidnapped Koivu, Zucker and Nino? Haven’t seen those guys at all in the first two games.

The lone bright spot has been Dubnyk in net. The man has kept us in both games as much as humanly possible. Don’t be surprised if he somehow steals a game for us here at home.

So please, for our sanity, please win a game or two and don’t get swept boys.

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