What Are The Vegas Odds On The Minnesota Vikings Making It Back To The Playoffs?


As the winners of the NFC North two of the past three years, it’s interesting to look and see what the odds are that the Vikings repeat as kings of the north. 

With only a couple weeks left until the start of the regular season (finally), it’s time to look ahead and see what is going to happen down the road in the NFC North. What we know for the Vikings is that while we had turnover at the most important position in sports, we upgraded at said position. Kirk Cousins is just flat out better than Case Keenum, and that’s coming from a guy who was impressed with Keenum last season. I will miss how good Case was at maneuvering in the pocket and getting away from pressure though. Hopefully Cousins shows the same awareness.

Currently, here are the odds for teams to make the playoffs

-New England: -1500 (1/15)
-Pittsburgh: -550 (2/11)
-Minnesota: -260 (5/13)
-Philadelphia: -260 (5/13)
-Green Bay: -170 (10/17)
-LA Rams: -170 (10/17)
-LA Chargers: -140 (5/7)
-Jacksonville: -140 (5/7)
-Houston: -135 (20/27)
-New Orleans: -130 (13/10)

Ok, so what does this tell us? First off if you’re asking “what do the numbers mean”, you’re already far behind. Sports gambling is now becoming legal in the US, I would catch up if I were you.

Now according to this, New England is practically a lock to make it back to the playoffs. That’s no shock because that’s what happens when you have the GOAT. Pittsburgh is sitting comfortably in the driver’s seat in the AFC North. The Vikings and defensing SB champs Philly are both sitting at -260 to get back. Doesn’t make too much sense for those to be the same as the runner up in the NFC North is far better than whatever trash can will take second in the East this season.

Overall, expect to see the purple and gold playing football in January again. The only thing stopping that would be a bad QB injury and maybe a Khalil Mack trade to Green Bay.



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