The Vikings Pulled Off The Best TD Celebration Of The Year

What if I told you that during one shitty Monday Night Football game between the Vikings and Bears, a celebration occurred that would bring together a state?

After a first half in which the highlight for most was the anticipation of the new Star Wars trailer (it’s pretty sweet), the second half started with a touchdown by Bat Flip Sports follower Kyle Rudolph. What took place after would captivate social media.

Ah shit! The Vikings went school yard on everyone. Not great form by Kyle, but we will let it slide this time. Maybe try getting a lower pad level next time though. This is the kind of thing the NFL has been keeping from us for years with their bullshit policy of no group touchdown celebrations.

But that might not be the biggest story to come out of this celebration. Now you see, us Minnesotans are a proud bunch. We love bragging about our state. We are also the only ones allowed to shit talk about Minnesota either. Just the rules. One thing we do that no other state does is call the school yard game “Duck, Duck, Grey Duck” that the Vikings played after scoring. This information would really never be useful besides a quip here and there if it ever came up in conversation. But then this all went down and Minnesotans as a whole went on the attack to let EVERYONE know that we call it a different name and everyone else is a bunch of fucking losers for calling it “Duck, Duck, Goose” like a god damn peasant.

Who would’ve thought that on one random Monday night in 2017 that social media would be a battleground for what a children’s game is called? Minnesota versus the world, just how we like it.

You can’t make this shit up.


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