The 2018 Twins Walk-Up Music Choices Have Been Released

The first regular season game at Target Field is scheduled for today, and this morning the Twins put out the walk-out music for the hitters.

First things first, Joe Mauer going with ‘What You Know’ by T.I. should surprise no one. The man has been using the same walk-up music since the song came out. It’s a forgone conclusion that you’re going to hear that sweet sweet beat as Joe enters the batter’s box at Target Field. Anyone who things he should change it now and go jump in Lake Minnetonka.

Other highlights include Buxton going with the classic ‘Return of the Mack’, which always plays. Logan Morrison is going with ‘Wild Thing’. That might be tough for me to connect with as it’s burned into my brain as the song Rick Vaughn comes out to in the Major League movies. It’s also a little different for Morrison, who has used songs by Kendrick Lamar and Kanye previously for walk-ups according to mlbplatemusic.com.

I’m a country music and Kip Moore fan, so while it doesn’t seem like a traditional fit, I love that Dozier went with ‘That’s Alright With Me’. Ryan LaMarre going with the new ‘Up Down’ song on the other hand, eh I don’t love. Robbie Grossman picking an Imagine Dragons song is the most Robbie Grossman thing ever.

Photo credit: vszakats on Visualhunt.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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