Twins Hit A Target Field Record 6 Home Runs In A Game


6 home runs in a game for the Minnesota Twins sounds like something that would only happen in a video game.

6 Home Runs

Is this what it was like back in the steroid era? If so, lets get that shit back in the game ASAP. It was awesome watching the game and seeing ball after ball go over the outfielders. And from the nerds at Statcast, it sounds like the Twins were smacking the living hell out of those baseballs.

Must have been a full moon last night if Mauer and Buxton were getting in on the action as well. The Sano home run was an absolute thing of beauty. I’ve never seen a baseball go over the center field wall before.

You know the game was going well when Ervin Santana and his 6 scoreless innings isn’t even mentioned in the same breath as the home runs. Santana is 5-0 this season with a 0.66 ERA. Let me just repeat that for the folks who think it’s a typo. 0.66 ERA

Fun times indeed for Twins fans. I don’t think anyone expects them to compete for a pennent, but it’s sure fun to watch them be competitive every night.


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