The Traveling Jagrs Get A Visit From Jaromir Jagr


While on a TV segment, the Traveling Jagrs got a visit from someone who is near and dear to their hearts when Jaromir Jagr himself showed up.

The Traveling Jagrs are a group of dudes who are “Mullet-wearing fans of Jaromir Jagr” according to their website. Yes they have a website. Each member represents the teams that Jagr has played for during his career. They all have their respective Jagr jersey during his team with each team and they all have a mullet wig and hockey gear that they wear to games. So now that Jagr has signed with the Calgary Flames, they group has added a new member. The group as a whole were getting interviewed on TV when they received a visit from someone.

Nothing like getting a visit from the dude you all idolize. To be fair, I think everyone idolizes Jagr by now. The guy is one of a kind. Could you imagine having a couple beers and just listening to him tell stories about his 20+ years of pro hockey?

Cool to see him show some love to the guys that have been showing him love for years. If this is Jagr’s last season before he hangs them up, we all better enjoy it while we can.

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