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Kirk Cousins Pregame Speeches Are Becoming My Favorite Sunday Ritual

My Sunday morning routine come NFL season:

Wake up around 10 am (or set the alarm for 8 am because you have to check to see if Melvin Gordon is active for the London game, thanks a lot Roger). Shake off the rust of Saturday night by either cooking breakfast or getting an AM Crunchwrap from Taco Bell. Settle in on the couch and fire up the FOX NFL Sunday. If you watch the CBS pre-game then stop reading right now and go look yourself in the mirror and figure your life out.

Before three weeks ago, it was an iron clad ritual. Then all of a sudden a video from purple heaven came down and blessed the land of 10,000 lakes.

Everyone after watching that clip

The entire Vikings fanbase felt just like Stefon Diggs during that speech, “yeah eight, ok ok”. The Vikings went into Philly and took down the defending champs with a great defensive effort and a pick-six from Linval. Game set match, cook the birds.

So then we get the Cardinals at home last weekend. And what do you know. I’m just about settling in for the game and we get another video from Captain Kirk.Ok

Ok Kirk! This time quoting some Dan Gable. I can get behind that. Vikings took care of business against a rookie QB and didn’t let this one go the same way the Bills game went.

Then comes our last game against the Jets on the east coast.

This man is making me do extra homework. Now I have to come up with a somewhat clever quote on a weekly basis? You can already tell I had to mail it in after two weeks in a row of “running through a wall” references.

The big questions now is how long will these speeches go? Is that going to be a “go until we lose” thing or are we riding Kirk Cousins speeches all the way to the end of the season? Hopefully we won’t have to find out for awhile. I can’t wait to see the speech before Sunday Night Football against the Saints.

But for now, I’m addicted to these videos. I don’t feel like I can get game ready until I see Kirk pump the boys up.

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