It’s Time To Retire Randy Moss’s Number

It just doesn’t feel right. Any time a Minnesota Viking wears the number 84, it seems like all anyone can think of is the legend Randy Moss.

So Randy Moss is getting inducted to the Vikings Ring of Honor. Rightfully so.

The man was unstoppable on the field. It was insane. It felt like anytime the ball was in the air that he was going to go over the DB and take that ball because he fucking could. That’s now known around football as “mossed”. You know you were a beast if you have a term named after you.

So now it just feels weird to see the Vikings playing and someone in purple wearing 84. It doesn’t fit anymore. Number retirements shouldn’t happen a ton, as it shouldn’t. But I don’t think you could find a Vikings fan that would disagree that the number 84 should be in the rafters and retired for good. I had to deal with Aundrae Allison, Michael Jenkins and Cordarrelle Patterson wearing the same number that Moss did, just doesn’t sit right with me. Looking at the roster right now for 2017 and thankfully no one thought to take the number this season.

The Ring of Honor is a good start, let’s now get that ball in the endzone one more time for 84.

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