Tiger Woods Didn’t Have The Best Memorial Day Weekend

Tiger DUI

One would think that Tiger Woods had a Memorial Day Weekend to forget as he was booked in Jupitar, Florida for a DUI early Monday morning.

More details will be coming out later, but for now we know that Tiger Woods was taken into custody around 3 am Florida time for suspicion of being under the influence. He was released later on that morning with no bail.

Not even a week after reports were out that Tiger was “feeling better”, he’s in the back of a squad car. The weird part all this for me, is that it doesn’t seem that crazy. I don’t know if it’s just the vibe Tiger has put out since Turkey Day 2009 when Eldrick was getting his ass kicked by his then-wife¬†Elin Nordegren and a golf club. On a unrelated note, Tiger Woods last won a major in 2008. There’s kids out there that have never seen Tiger Woods win a big golf tournament, that’s a sad feeling man.

I guess I’ve never understood the whole being insanely rich and driving after drinks when you can literally ask anyone to give you a ride and it’s probably going to happen. But no one is perfect, I get that. People make bad decisions all the time, it just so happens that this guy is one of the greatest golfers to ever walk this earth. Drinking and driving isn’t funny and hopefully this serves as a wake-up call for him. It’s crazy to see the guy who looked more invincible than the Hulk going through shit like this. Shows you that everyone is prone to make human errors.

UPDATED: Well now the police report came out and it states that Tiger blew .000 on his breathalyzer. Sounds like he had a bad reaction to some meds and fell asleep at a stop sign.


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