Tiger Woods Is Currently At 28/1 Odds For This Weekend


For the first time in well over a year, it looks like Tiger Woods will be playing meaningful golf this weekend at the Hero World Challenge. Vegas isn’t holding their breath though.

Bovada currently has Tiger woods at 28/1 odds to win the Hero World Challenge, which puts him as the 12th most likely guy to win the tournament. Not the worst odds in the world for a guy who hasn’t publicly swung a golf club in a long time.

Then news came today that made golf fans around the world perk up a bit. Tiger Woods made two eagles on the front nine of a Pro-Am. The great thing about Tiger Woods fans, and fans of golf overall, is that any sliver of hope to see the greatest golfer of our generation in form again is a welcome thought.

Bet On Tiger?

So what does any rational guy who likes to make life more interesting by betting on sports do? You throw a couple bones on Tiger winning this tournament in the Bahamas this weekend! Heck he might decent just because all the other golfers are checked out and getting bombed in between rounds.

Photo via Visual Hunt

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