This Kevin Garnett Hype Video Will Motivate You Forever

Kevin Garnett is thriving in his post-retirement life after the NBA, and he recently put out this hype video that will make you want to take 10,000 charges.


Kevin Garnett and his KG’s Area 21 releases some of the best content I can get my hands on, and that’s coming from a guy who doesn’t really pay attention to the NBA. But when I’m scrolling through twitter and see a video clip of KG breaking something down, it’s as close to must watch as I can get. The man even has his own delay/cuss button because he can’t go 2 minutes without dropping an F-bomb because he’s the baddest MF’er the league has ever seen.

So when I wake up this morning and see a video from KG’s Area 21 and the description being “You call it crazy. We call it KG.”, I’ve never clicked on anything quicker.

It takes something like this every once in a while to remind myself how unreal KG was. He was part of the old school. The kind of player who didn’t have friends in other jerseys when that ball went up in the air. Dude wanted to win more than anyone else and he wanted to prove it every day.

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