I Think The Wild Just Murdered The Blues Season

Here lies the St. Louis Blues 2017-18 season, pronounced dead on February 27th, 2018.

How does Eric Staal answer to getting the NHL First Star of the Week? Scores a hat trick.

God I love beating the St. Louis Blues. I can’t stand that team, especially with former Wild Head Coach Mike Yeo behind their bench. Just something about that team bugs me. Sure getting shit kicked by a hot goalie last year in the playoffs as a two seed sucked. Am I being petty by enjoying this a little too much when we throttle them in the regular season? Maybe so. But hey, I admit so.

Also, I’m probably being a little premature as the Blues are still at most 3 points out of a wild card spot at the moment. But that looks like a St. Louis team that has flat out given up this season. They’ve now lost 7 games in a row and just traded away a top forward in Paul Statsny at the trade deadline.


RIP St. Louis, I hear the golf courses are open early around there.



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