Sports Section Episode 29: T-Wolves, Etc. with Drew Mahowald!


It’s a straight-up jamboree as our friend Drew Mahowald (of Canis Hoopus and Vikings Territory) joins to talk Timberwolves playoffs. We hit on what went wrong in Game 1, Derrick Rose’s strange emergence, Jimmy Bulter’s last shot, and what the Wolves need to do to right the ship against the Rockets. We also talk Vikings draft needs.

James Harden? Not a Fan

I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time.  I have many issues with James Harden and it’s about time I get them off my chest. First off I wanna start by saying I was a HUGE James Harden fan in college and after he was drafted.  The beard made it impossible not to think of Baron Davis, the greatest PG in NBA history.  Maybe top 5…get off my back! Harden had all the talent in the world and now I can’t stand the sight of him. If you’re…