Sports Section Episode 29: T-Wolves, Etc. with Drew Mahowald!


It’s a straight-up jamboree as our friend Drew Mahowald (of Canis Hoopus and Vikings Territory) joins to talk Timberwolves playoffs. We hit on what went wrong in Game 1, Derrick Rose’s strange emergence, Jimmy Bulter’s last shot, and what the Wolves need to do to right the ship against the Rockets. We also talk Vikings draft needs.

Sports Section Episode 27: NFL Draft, Timberwolves, Suter, and More!


This week, we have a scheduled interview with Sports Section NFL Draft correspondent Phil Bottjen go horribly awry. It involves an answering machine. ANYWAY, we struggle through our biggest NFL Draft needs for the Vikings and find new ways to bitch about the Timberwolves. Plus: Sam turns the tables by bitching about the Timberwolves bitching. The Twins are off and running! Did you hear about the bunt??? The Wild are officially in the playoffs. The Suter injury looms large. News around the NFL Which major sport is the most boring?…

Sports Section Episode 26: Farewell Sweet Prince

They boys are back! We hit on a variety of local and national topics, but lead with the most pertinent news of the week(ish): Jeremiah Sirles has signed with the Carolina Panthers. Shit ass. Sam, Noah, and Chris discuss what the Vikings need to do to fill his Carhartts. Plus: The NFL catch rule is simplified! Sort of. Maybe. Any interest in adding Odell Beckham to the Vikings? Impromtu quarterback draft talk. Sam and Chris both have the same number one. We try to fix the Wolves (as Karl-Anthony Towns…

Sports Section Episode 24: Chris Gets Suspended! [PODCAST]

Tom Thibodeau

Summary: Following his incendiary remarks about the Minnesota walleye population, Chris serves his one-week suspension from the podcast. Sam and Noah press on, discussing the latest Kirk Cousins to the Vikings rumors and also identifying potential free agent additions at other positions. Plus: Vikings quarterback predictions: who will they end up with? Ideal first round draft targets. Shannon Brooks is out for next season?! Do they Gophers have a real chance at landing the Minnesota’s premier football recruit, Edina’s Quinn Carroll? The Timberwolves are fluctuating wildly in the standings. FIGHT!…

Sports Section Episode 23: Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em [PODCAST]

vikings free agents

Summary: On this week’s episode, Noah takes us through a fun little game called “Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em” to figure out exactly how much we want to retain certain Vikings free agents. Plus, we discuss whether or not there’s any chance of Case Keenum returning to the Vikings now that the team has decided not to use the franchise tag. And we talk Kirk Cousins, with Chris making him his A1 option to lead the team next year and Sam admitting he’s biased (and so are all of you).…

Sports Section Episode 22: Commitment Issues [PODCAST]

Minnesota Sports Podcast

Sam returns from exile to confront Chris about his incendiary Josh McDaniels takes and the problems they’ve caused in securing sponsorships. We then run through the Vikings coaching acquisitions and discuss how everything fits together. Also: John DeFilippo. Our thoughts. Was Kevin Stefanski actually blocked from interviewing? Newfangled coaching titles and how Sam hates them. Drew Brees. So you’re telling me there’s a chance. The confusion continues around Andrew Wiggins. FERGIE NATIONAL ANTHEM. The Twins add two pitchers. And more! As always, thanks for listening!

Sports Section Episode 20: We Acquire Kirk Cousins and LeBron!

Kirk Cousins

Oh yes, that’s right, the boys are back and they have devised a plan not only to reel in prized free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins for the Vikings, but also send LeBron James to the Timberwolves for half of a season. You can thank the remarkable leadership of Chris for that one, though he still hasn’t come around on Teddy Bridgewater. Noah and Sam keep working on him. Also: What’s the Redskins’ angle? Is Cousins the best fit for the Vikings? If (gasp!) somehow he doesn’t end up in Minnesota,…

Sports Section Episode 15: Vikings, Etc. with Austin Belisle! [PODCAST]

Minnesota Sports Podcast

They said it couldn’t be done, but the boys secured a guest. This week we welcome Vikings Territory Editor in Chief Austin Belisle. Austin is California cool and classy as hell, and one of the brightest Vikings minds on the web. The guys get his opinion on a bevy of Vikings topics, plus Joe Buck and how annoyed he gets by Vikings Twitter. Then, they introduce a new segment: Explain Your Tweets. Also: What do we make of the NFC North title? Teddy comes back. The ideal Vikings quarterback situation…

Sports Section Episode 14: We Now Love Sirles [PODCAST]

Minnesota Sports Podcast

The gentlemen discuss their newfound appreciation for Vikings offensive lineman Jeremiah Sirles, and also break down what went wrong in the first loss in two months. Noah explains why then NFL catch rules are dumb, and Chris freaks out about Andrew Wiggins again. Also: Are the Timberwolves clicking? Who’s the number one option on offense? The Dem wins in Alabama. Vikings playoff scenarios. Does Aaron Rodgers scare you? The Gophers get pounded and barely beat Drake (sort of the same thing). Jordan Murphy though. The Wild live for free hockey.…

Wolves with Juan: Walk off Bank

Andrew Wiggins Dunk

Kobe Bryant, 2009. Paul Piece, 2015 (“I called game”). Andrew Wiggins, 2017. Not bad company for our up and coming 22-year-old. Unless the Sunday scaries forced you to hide under a rock, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Wiggins joined the two future Hall of Famers by hitting a GW bank shot heard around the NBA. Wolves 115, Thunder 113. Poetry in motion… #ThisIsYourTime #PhantomCam — NBA (@NBA) October 23, 2017 Feel free to play that another time or two. Might help crank up the serotonin levels on…