Our Squad

Here is your starting lineup of below average athletes, above average human beings that make up this website:

Koop (@KoopsNet) – Creator of Bat Flip Sports. Will do just about anything to witness another University of Minnesota Gopher Hockey National Championship. Will forever hate Holy Cross and anything to do with Wisconsin.

Boyd (@BriceJ2011) – Place in my heart for all Minny sports teams, but my loyalty is to the LA Clippers.  Baron Davis had the key and he opened the door. I am also the definition of a movie buff. I own over 500 movies and when I’m not watching sports, you can be certain I’m watching a movie. I also coach basketball and now I guess I write about it….will my skills translate? Will Goku finish his spirit bomb? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!!!!

Petter (@Ryan_Petter) –  Bemidji State grad in Mass Communications. I’m a sports journalist who works for the Bemidji Pioneer. Played baseball and hockey back in the glory days, so now those are the sports I write about most. I’m a fan of the four major Minnesota teams, and I also like the New York Rangers and whoever I have on my fantasy teams.

Condor (@Hutton_Connor) – Reluctant fan of most Minnesota sports. Exceptions include North Dakota Hockey and Iowa State Basketball. I am skilled at ping-pong and pretending to know what I’m talking about, both of these I believe will be vital to the success of this site. Things I love include my wife, video games, and golf. Things I hate include list articles, styrofoam, and J.J. Barea. Enjoy the show.

Gypsy (@Gypjohnson) Firm believer that being a Vikings fan is like having Huntington’s disease: It’s hereditary, there is no cure, and it’s terminal. Here to write about pop culture in a way that inspires you folks to seek out those deep cuts; the stuff that’ll make you the one people come to for recommendations. I enjoy long walks on the beach, seeing my enemies driven before me, and hearing the lamentations of their women.

Ben Anderson-Smith (@matrat103) 24 years old, Minnesota born and raised. Physical education major at BSU, but also that grumpy short guy who works nights at Taco Bell. Bat Flip Sports’ new MMA guru. I hate fantasy football and it’s the only thing I’ve ever truly loved. My list of movies and TV shows I’ve not seen is admittedly abysmal. This is starting to feel like a tinder bio so I’m gonna stop.

Schev (@matschev) – Gonna make it easy, the Philadelphia Flyers are more important than anything in my life and I love fantasy sports. I think I’m always right, and it’s possible that brandy runs through my veins. The one person on this site who isn’t a huge Minnesota sports fan but love talking and arguing about them. I think LeBron James is the best player to ever pick up a basketball and that Claude Giroux is wildly underrated. As always: Fly or die