Sports Section Episode 20: We Acquire Kirk Cousins and LeBron!

Oh yes, that’s right, the boys are back and they have devised a plan not only to reel in prized free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins for the Vikings, but also send LeBron James to the Timberwolves for half of a season. You can thank the remarkable leadership of Chris for that one, though he still hasn’t come around on Teddy Bridgewater. Noah and Sam keep working on him.


  • What’s the Redskins’ angle?
  • Is Cousins the best fit for the Vikings?
  • If (gasp!) somehow he doesn’t end up in Minnesota, what should the plan be at quarterback?
  • Updates on the offensive coordinator search.
  • Obligatory Super Bowl predictions.
  • Why are the Wolves losing?
  • Chris’ brilliant LeBron plan.
  • We completely fall apart and the last five minutes of the show become a train wreck.

This episode is brought to you by Brothers Root Beer. As always, thanks for listening!


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