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So It Turns Out The Twins Aren’t Dead Yet

After the Twins lost to the Cleveland Indians last Thursday night, it looked like the season might already be in the gutter and boy did I not expect what happened next.

So let’s set this all up. The Twins on Thursday night lost to the Indians 9-8 after being down 8-0 and coming back to tie it at 8 only to have Cleveland regain the lead right after. That was the Twins 7th loss in 8 games. We still had 3 more games against the division leaders and things were looking pretty grim. I then fired off this tweet.

Then the weekend happened. The Twins scored 7 runs in the next three games and take 3 out of 4 and boom, only 3.5 games out of first place.

Now I realize that three games in the beginning of June isn’t exactly crunch time, but if the Twins lose 3 out of 4 or get swept there things would look pretty damn grim. What this does is buy us hope. It feels like the bats are finally starting to wake up. Logan Morrison might have the average up over .200 here before you know it. That’s a far cry from the .090 he was rocking for the first part of the season.

I know this team can’t really compete against the big dogs from the AL East or anything, but being somewhat in contention for the division come June is always a nice excuse to get to the ballpark a little more and take down a couple beers while watching Berrios do his thing.

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