Ryder Cup Heckler Gets Challenged By Team Europe

Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is going on right now right in the backyard of Minnesota, at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska. As Team Europe was practicing today, a heckler from the crowd kept chirping them, so they decided to have him put his money where is mouth is.

David Johnson was just another person in the crowd enjoying the practice round as Team Europe was prepping for the start of the Ryder Cup. Johnson decided to let Rory McIlroy and European teammate Andy Sullivan know they were sucking as they kept missing this putt.

As any good American would do. You have to keep the home course advantage going. Well Team Europe decided that Johnson should show them how it’s done. Justin Rose wanted to make things even more interested by laying a crisp c-note right next to the ball.

Things are looking good for the boys in red and blue! Johnson puts the ball right down the pipe and sinks the 12-foot putt with a great celebration after to boot. Hey Europe, America is all up in your kitchen now. We just had a commoner come out of the crowd and sink that bitch. He probably had a decent buzz while doing it. Take that Peter Willett!

Johnson was quoted after saying how cool it was:

“I razzed them a little bit, and they heard me, which was insane,”.  “They brought me out, which is more insane. I haven’t fully realized what just happened, but overall that was a pretty cool experience, I would go ahead and do that again if I could.”

Under Pressure

Awesome moment for that guy. There’s not a chance in hell I would’ve been able to make that putt. My nerves would’ve been through the roof. Now this guy has the biggest ‘One-Upper’ story of all-time on his buddies.

“Hey Dave, remember that time I holed out from 130 yards?”

“Yeah I do. Remember when I sank a putt on live television after getting called out from some of the best golfers on this planet?”

Trump card for LIFE.

Photo Credit: Omar Rawlings

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