I Can’t Believe I Have To Type This, But Please Don’t Trade Karl-Anthony Towns

Karl Anthony Towns

Because it’s always rumor season in the NBA, it has been said that the Timberwolves are possibly taking calls on superstar Karl Anthony-Towns, which is just insane.

So last week things are going on as normal and then this tweet came across my timeline.


Say what now? Now about the furthest thing away from a basketball expert, but even I know that sounds insane. From the little Timberwolves basketball I watch, KAT seems to be a superstar, either in the making or already there. The man can do damn near anything out there it seems. So when that tweet came through, I felt like that one GIF of the dude looking shocked/confused.


That one.

Now to be fair, this is all probably smoke and no fire. It would be a “Twins baseball from 2011-14” level of bad decision. You never want to go full 2010’s Twins on any decision unless that decision is to tank a season/seasons.

So I figured that was the end of things and the talks over the weekend died down. Then LeBron’s media mic piece Brian Windhosrt once again throws a shit nugget into the Twitter spectrum.

Ok, that one is a little more concerning.

If management isn’t picking up the phone, laughing in the face of the opposing General Manager who is attempting to talk seriously about acquiring Karl Anthony-Towns, and then sending said GM a care package of 3-day-old Lutefisk then what are we even doing here?

If you really want to piss off a fan base and sink back into basketball oblivion, trading KAT is a sure fire way to do it. I’ve never bought Timberwolves merch, just not a huge basketball guy. That’s the best way to make sure I don’t spend a dime anywhere near your franchise and most likely will just start actively rooting against you.

Now there’s still a 97% chance this is all smoke. I can’t imagine it gets to a point where the organization keeps Thibs and ships out Towns. It even came out today from the godfather of NBA twitter that Thibs would get fired wayyyy before this happened.

But there’s always that little bit of doubt in the back of my mind. After all we did trade KG…

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