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Results Are In: Fans Pick Which MN Team They Want To Win A Title

We might be on to something here. These polls are fun, and I like seeing what people think. With this one, I guessed the Vikings would win, but I didn’t see it being by this big of a margin.

This poll crossed the screens of 1,482 Twitter users, and 483 people couldn’t scroll past without voting. I’m not sure how the rest didn’t vote, because I can’t scroll past a poll and not vote. I don’t care if it’s something I have absolutely no knowledge about. It could be a poll on the best burger joint in Raleigh and I’d be voting on that sucker.

Anyway, over half of the people picked the Vikings as their hopeful team to win the next championship in Minnesota. I really hope people understood that I wanted them to pick the team they WANT to win it next, not the team they THINK will win it next. But seeing the Twins get just 5% and the Wolves 11% of the vote makes me wonder…

I’ve said many times that I don’t care about the NBA, so the Wolves were out of contention for me. It was between the Vikes, Wild and Twinkies. I voted for the Vikings along with the rest of the majority. I just think it would be sweet if the most watched TV event of the year was Minnesota bringing home a Super Bowl. The Wild was a close second. C’mon it’s the State of Hockey, how cool would it be to have Lord Stanley’s Cup stay around St. Paul for a year? The place would go nuts. I looked up NHL fan base rankings an found this. Who knows what they base their choices off, but it’s interesting. The Wild has the 8th most loyal fan base in the league. The top five are Canadian teams, with my Rangers and Schev’s Flyers in 6th and 7th, respectively. I’m pretty sure without Schev holding down the Philly fort they’d be sitting around 15th.

I almost picked the Twins as a strategy. If they won the World Series, they’d obviously have to be good again — which they aren’t, and won’t be for a long time. I wasn’t about to waste a vote on a fantasy, so I went Vikings. But my buddy voted Twins and snap-chatted me saying the same strategy for it as I was considering them for.

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