Bachelorette Power Rankings—Week 5

The Bachelorette

This was something. It gave us everything that we needed from a Bachelorette episode. We had a two-on-one with the most electric character in the show, we had the rise of a new trash character, we had Leo singing to a horse, and we had Vegas Baby. This week and the next are two of the biggest for Becca. This is where she weeds out the real from the fake, this week, she did a very good job of doing just that. Date 1: Camel Ride, Colton Date Grade: C-…

Last Second 2018 NBA Mock Draft

HURRY! EVERYONE GATHER ROUND! WE DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME! We’re only a few short hours from the start of the 2018 NBA Draft and I’ve waited til the last second to build my mock.  I do this for two reasons: First, draft day trades are absurdly frustrating when you feel like you have a good mock. Second, there’s so much misdirection and flip-flopping leading up to the draft that you don’t get a very clear picture til about…….NOW! 1. Phoenix Suns- DeAndre Ayton This has been the pick for weeks. …

Sports Section Episode 32: NBA Draft Week, Baby!

NBA Draft

It’s an all-NBA episode as the boys dive deep into one of our favorite parts of the NBA season, the draft. We break down which players we’d most like to see the Timberwolves take at pick 20, and experiment with a little “would you/wouldn’t you” about certain names (not to be a spoiler but Grayson Allen). Noah floats potential trade packages for Andrew Wiggins, Sam challenges the guys on the Golden State Warriors’ title, and much more. As always, thanks for listening!