Bachelorette Power Rankings—Week 1

The Bachelorette

Oh boy, here we go. We are back with everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure, The Bachelorette. If you forgot, I am not here to give you a run down of the show, but to give you the 120% completely correct power rankings of how every guy in the show ranks in the mind of The Bachelorette, our hometown girl, Becca. Saying that, I got a couple of notes. First off, I am watching this while driving tractor. Think of a more alpha combo, I’ll wait… Secondly, this is my first time…

Sports Section Episode 30: Draft Grades N’ Shit


This week we recap the NFL Draft and give grades for each Vikings pick. We debate the merits of drafting Brian O’Neill in the second round, Noah makes Chris mad again, and we rejoice (?) about finding the long-term answer at kicker (?). Plus: He played basketball. We make a play to get new Viking Colby Gossett on the podcast. Timberwolves post-mortem. For what would you trade Andrew Wiggins? OR is trading Jimmy Butler the answer? Jamal Crawford opts out. Twins pitcher Fernando Romero has a strong debut. And more…

Sports Section Episode 29: T-Wolves, Etc. with Drew Mahowald!


It’s a straight-up jamboree as our friend Drew Mahowald (of Canis Hoopus and Vikings Territory) joins to talk Timberwolves playoffs. We hit on what went wrong in Game 1, Derrick Rose’s strange emergence, Jimmy Bulter’s last shot, and what the Wolves need to do to right the ship against the Rockets. We also talk Vikings draft needs.