The Online Betting Odds For The Vikings Winning The Super Bowl Are Interesting


At the end of the 2017 NFL season, the Minnesota Vikings having a real good chance to win the Super Bowl this season.


With one more game in the regular season, the Minnesota Vikings are positioning themselves for a first-round bye in the 2017 NFL playoffs and a chance at making some real noise. Right now, sites like Bovada have the Vikings at a +375 odds, which is only behind the New England Patriots at +240. The next NFC team on the list is the New Orleans Saints at 10/1 odds right now. The rest of the odds can be seen below.

The big thing here has to be that the Philadelphia Eagles, despite being the first seed, are right next to the Saints and Rams as far as Vegas is concerned. That speaks volumes to how they feel about Nick Foles. Philly struggled against the Raiders on Monday Night Football and the online betting websites are taking notice.

From a betting perspective, the lower seeds in the NFC provide some great value. The Falcons at 28/1 feels like the best value. The Falcons just feel like they’ve been puttering along and haven’t played their best football yet. That’s a team loaded with talent on both sides of the ball and you can never count out the connection of Matt Ryan to arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL Julio Jones. The Panthers scare me as well and 18/1 makes for an interesting bet if they somehow can matchup with the Eagles in the second round. No one wants to mess around and play against Cam Newton when he’s playing with that confidence he’s known for. He’s got that Superman nickname for a reason.


The AFC has literally been the same picture for the last decade with the Patriots leading the way. The Steelers at +475 doesn’t allow for a ton of value but they were a bad bounce away from beating the Pats just last week. Who would’ve thought that Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars would not only make the playoffs, but be a team that really no one wants to play against. Oddly, the team with hot tubs in the endzones seems to be built for January football. 14/1 odds feel about right for a team that’s nickname is ‘Sacksonville’ this season.

The odds will change, but it sure is fun to think about the possibilities for all the teams in contention right now.


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