We Are Officially In ‘Waiting For Football’ Mode

Alex Boone

It’s after the 4th of July weekend bender, which means that for football fans it’s time to start thinking about football coming back.

We are in the thick of it right now when it comes to sports. The NBA and NHL have been wrapped up for a couple weeks now and both had the start of their free agency at the start of July. The NHL expansion draft has come and gone. Baseball is in full swing, but mid-summer baseball is about as fun to watch on TV as sitting through a slideshow of your cousins trip to Valleyfair.

So after the inevitable 4th of July bender, fans of football can somewhat see the light at the end of the tunnel. Shows like ‘All or Nothing’ on Amazon Prime and ‘Last Chance U’ on Netflix can be used to bridge that gap. You can start looking forward to training camp and preseason games (I hate myself that I’m looking forward to those games). In Minnesota, there’s a different type of hype for college football this season with our savior P.J. Fleck at the helm now for the Gophers.

At least the Twins are playing .500 ball for us this summer, which has been a welcome change of pace. The team can put the bat on the ball most nights and if Santana or Berrios are on the mound, I like our chances.

Only a couple more weeks guys, we can do this.

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