Nick Swardson Is Recruiting Olivia Munn To Be A Vikings Fan

Olivia Munn

Nick Swardson is doing his best to influence Olivia Munn, who used to be dating Aaron Rodgers, to become a Minnesota Vikings fan.

Great move by Terry. Munn has to hate the Packers now that her and Discount Double Check are done and gone, right? So the next move in the breakup would be to cheer for a rival team. Well look no further Olivia, we got a seat in our swanky new stadium with your name on it.

Have you ever gotten an upgrade to first class from coach when flying? That’s what it would feel like to go from sitting in that cold ass tundra to our new state of the art facility. Plus going from Green Bay to Minneapolis? That’s like a college kid eating ramen and then get’s a free Prime Rib dinner. No comparison. If you ever get a chance to go to Green Bay, don’t. Fargo is more suited to be a city for an NFL team than Green Bay.

Props to Swardson, the man keeps putting Minnesota Sports in front of the camera. This summer he was front and center for when Albert Pujols went yard for number 600 against Minnesota.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via / CC BY-SA

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