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A Look At The NFC and AFC Championships

All we gotta do is get there. Bring it home. For the first time in history, become a Super Bowl team at our home stadium. Once we get there, anything can happen. If the Titans can beat the Chiefs and the Jaguars can beat the Steelers, the Vikings can beat the Patriots at home and become the best football team on the planet to put a cap on what would be the greatest sports season in Minnesota history.

It should be easy right? Getting there? The Purple and Gold are 3-point favorites in Sunday’s NFC Championship contest at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday. That, along with the thought of knowing Philly has to beat those odds with Nick Foles under center, has me feeling very comfortable going into the weekend. Then again, I was pretty cozy with a 17-point lead over the Saints last weekend.

So what’ll it take? I’ve got one key to this game for the Vikings.

Make Nick Foles uncomfortable.

To me, if this happens to an extent large enough, the game will go just fine. If Foles blows up in this game — like he very well could with his level of talent and experience — this game could be a cakewalk. Accomplishing this key comes down to two things: pressure in the pocket and putting points on the board. I’m not overly concerned about the first one. The Eagles’ two biggest threats through the air are Alshon Jeffrey, who’s in his first year in Philly and is still fairly unfamiliar for Foles, and an unproven Nelson Agholor. I’m confident the Vikings won’t have much of a problem covering those two, which will give the front four time to get to the Eagles QB.

That, combined with two or three early scores for Minnesota, will put the Eagles in a tough situation throughout the whole game. A 10-14 point lead early will take away the balanced attack that Philly wants to bring, mixing in running backs Ajayi and Blount, and making a bad quarterback force throws through the secondary we’ve seen give teams fits all season long.

I’m so excited. Skol Vikes. My prediction is a 27-17 Vikings NFC Championship victory.

Patriots vs. Jaguars

I hate to say it, but I don’t buy the stories surrounding New England’s locker room, the feuding Bill Belichick and Tom Brady with the interfering trainer. Sure, maybe it’s an issue. But there’s no way I’m seeing Brady and Bill let that stand in the way of an AFC title.

I’m also not buying what people are trying to sell about this Jacksonville defense stealing a win in Foxborough. They might be the best defense in the league, but when they’re not on the field, Blake Bortles is, and I predict that’s not gonna go well this weekend.

33-14 Patroits. I hope I’m wrong.

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