The Minnesota Wild ‘This Is Our Ice’ Project Is Fraudulent

The Minnesota Wild recently announced their new ‘This is Our Ice’ initiative that would allow for fans to bring water from all over to be a part of the ice sheet at Xcel Energy Center. Turns out there’s a problem with some of the water in my opinion.

Pretty cool thing the Wild are doing, right? Let’s get all this water from all over the land of 10,000 lakes and make it a part of our identity. I mean our state loves to associate ourselves with our teams. If someone grows up in Minnesota and plays a pro sport, every rumor involving them has some link back to Minnesota, I assume this happens in most other states, but not to the extent that we take it. “One of us” is a phrase that’s used frequently here.

But then towards the end of the video from the event, they showed all the places where the water was coming from. I started seeing the names of towns and cities from different states on there.

I spy with my little eye some Wisconsin towns in there. This is where I draw the line. Am I supposed to like the fact that there’s Sconnie water in the X? When Charlie Coyle takes a breakout pass from Ryan Suter this season, there is a little part of fucking Rice Lake, Wisconsin in that sheet of ice.

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