Minnesota Vikings Release 2018 Schedule

The NFL released the 2018 NFL schedule and the Minnesota Vikings have their work cut out for them this upcoming season.

Jimmy G and the San Fransisco 49ers are the first opponents this season and I’m not mad about that. The niners were that one team that got the “the one team you don’t wanna play” tag at the end of the season. They might be still a little overhyped but it should be a decent test to start the regular season. I also believe it will be the battle of the two highest paid quarterbacks in the league (as of now).

Before flex scheduling, there are four primetime games. One Thursday night game, two Sunday night games and one Monday night game. I’m a little surprised our week 5 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles isn’t one of those games. The two best teams in the NFC from last season in an early season matchup seems like a no-brainer for the NFL but hey, what do I know?

The other glaring thing with this schedule is how brutal our road schedule is. Packers, Rams (on a Thursday), Eagles, Jets, Bears, Patriots, Seahawks and Lions. All but maybe two of those are really tough games. The Pats and Seahawks on back to back weeks on the road is ruthless. Also there’s no weeks where it’s back to back home games. Little different than last season where five out of our first seven games were at U.S. Bank Stadium.

And now we wait. It’s currently the middle of April and I got a foot of snow where I live last Sunday. It’s mostly gone now but a guy just wants to hit some golf balls. By the time training camp comes around, I will have lost approximately $80 in golf balls and will be ready to throw my clubs in a lake.

Can’t wait.

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