If You’re The Cubs Backup Catcher, Don’t Rip On Jake Arrieta

This had me laughing at the office this morning, and I knew Miguel Montero wasn’t going to last on the big league roster very long after I heard what he said.

If you’re 0-for-31 throwing out base stealers on the season and having a terrible year all around, it isn’t the best idea to come out to the media and blame the 2015 Cy Young winner for the seven stolen bases you allowed.

I’m all-in on the “runners steal off pitchers, not catchers” saying, but there’s no way a guy like Montero should be saying anything critical about Jake Arrieta. Throw a guy out and then say something about the other six stolen bases. Battery mates should never say anything negative about each other, because that guarantees a lasting problem in the relationship.

As soon as captain Rizzo came to the aid of Arrieta, Montero was gone, and he might not be back. Even though Schwarber is in the minors for the time being, Contreras is playing well behind the plate, and Schwarber is going to hit his stride like he always does.

The point is, Montero screwed up. He’s not a necessity in the lineup, and now he’s a liability in the clubhouse. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t ever see himself in a Cubs jersey again, barring an injury.

In other news, Arrieta is having an off-year so far. All this has caused for me is to text the his owner in my fantasy league to buy low on him, because I know he’s going to be a fantastic arm down the stretch. Arrieta always figures it out, and he’s due for a good couple months.


Photo Credit: Today Sports on Youtube

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