Beast Mode Back To The NFL, Marshawn Lynch Traded To Oakland

Marshawn Lynch

After a year away from the National Football League, Marshawn Lynch is coming out of retirement with the Oakland Raiders.

The man who tweeted out his retirement during the Super Bowl is pulling a Brett Favre and returning to the gridiron. Marshawn Lynch is back in the NFL and this time it’s with his hometown squad, the Oakland Raiders.

On the football side, this move makes a ton of sense. Oakland has an offensive line that could block oncoming traffic. Add that to a running back who ran for over 1,000 yards in 4 out of 6 seasons with Seattle and you got a potentially dangerous combo. Taking a year off from the NFL probably didn’t hurt Lynch’s health either, he should be ready to roll right from the start.

Beast Mode

But that’s the side story here, the real story is that we all get to see more of Beast Mode on and off the field. Have you ever went into a Marshawn Lynch YouTube rabbit hole? It’s glorious. Everything from his video game battles against Conan to pimping Skittles in Houston, Scotland. Any chance to get more media coverage of Lynch is a good day for the league and fans. It really makes a guy wish that somehow the Raiders would’ve gotten Hard Knocks this season. The guy would be the biggest star on that show since Rex Ryan.

Photo credit: WEBN-TV via / CC BY-ND

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