Jose Berrios Has Arrived And It’s About Time

Do we dare? Are we allowed? Is it even possible? Guys, I’m buying. Jose Berrios has arrived and he’s here to stay. I’ve been saying for two years now — look back at any of my Twins blogs if you don’t believe me — we needed an ace, and I think now we have one in Berrios, and Ervin Santana has been pitching out of his mind so far this year before today.

I didn’t watch either of the Twins games today, but looking at the highlights and the box score, I’m so happy. Now that we have a few pitchers who we can count on to give us a chance to win, along with a great offense and a much-improved defense, I’m pumped to see how the rest of the year is going to go.

I’ll be honest, I wrote Berrios off after he put up a hideous 8.02 ERA in 14 starts last year. I didn’t care how good he was in AAA, I figured whenever he would come up again, it would be the same unpredictable fastball which would take away the effectiveness of that nasty slider. It happened like clockwork every time he came up. This year, he’s figured it out, and I am all in. No runs on two hits, ONE WALK and 11 strikeouts? How can you not get excited? What a gem. It was the second game of a doubleheader, but it was against a very powerful Rockies lineup that didn’t draw up a throwaway lineup for the nightcap. Blackmon, LeMahieu, Arenado, CarGo, Desmond, Parra — they were all in there, and that team is the winningest team in the National league.

If you have a fantasy baseball team and Jose Berrios is a free agent, don’t let him survive another five minutes. Grab him and enjoy the ride. It’s fun to be excited about successful, home-developed players, eh? Let’s go.

Photo Credit: FS North

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