John Wick 3 Has A Release Date

The third and presumably (for now until they decide they want to make more money) final chapter in the John Wick main storyline has a release date.

The Boogeyman is coming back on May 17th, 2019.

Keanu Reeves sneakily has one of the most impressive resumes in hollywood. The man has been in a ton of iconic movies. Look at his lineup and this is just skimming through his IMDb.

  • The Matrix
  • Speed
  • Point Break
  • The Bill and Ted Movies
  • The Replacements
  • Hardball (RIP G-Baby)
  • John Wick Franchise

That’s a solid highlight real spanning almost 30 years. Now as much as I love watching The Replacements when it’s on TNT once every two weeks, I think Reeves playing Mr. Wick is my favorite character he’s ever played.

The OG John Wick came out of nowhere in 2014 and blew people away. It received a 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and the word of mouth on the movie spread quick. For the first time in a long time when it came to action movies in the US, it felt like a real action movie. No frills or anything, just a dude who lost his wife and dog and has his car stolen and decided that it was D-Day for everyone involved. No end of the world storyline or love interest, just straight up John Wick killing dudes.

A special shoutout to the club scene, that’s when you knew it was going to be a great movie. The story was straight forward but left a couple questions and therefore an opening for a sequel.

Then came John Wick 2, which in my opinion was actually better than the first installment and garnered a 90% rating on RT. The second movie expanded on the universe that John Wick lives in. What I mean when I say the universe is the underground society runs the assassin trade. Things like more information about the mysterious hotel that all these assassins stay at and is off limits for business. I won’t spoil things for people who haven’t seen it yet, but just getting an idea of the inner workings a little more of the whole society was a cool concept. Then of course is the battle between Wick and newly introduced Cassian, who is played well by Common.

So now we got Chapter 3 coming in hot. One year away and you can bet I’ll be there opening weekend (hopefully MoviePass is still up and running in a year, that company has saved me a ton of money in the last 10 months or so). So we have that and we also have a John Wick spin-off TV series that is green lit and will be on Starz.

Life is good for the Wick fans out there. Now give me more Laurence Fishburne in Chapter 3.

Photo Credit: John Wick/Lionsgate


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