Is Superbad Overrated?


Netflix made big waves among 20-somethings this past February when the 2007 movie Superbad was added to its vast list of streaming titles. One of this sites admins, who will remain nameless, was especially excited about this development, and perhaps equally disgusted when I shared my scalding hot take- that Superbad is an overrated movie.

I watched it a couple times in high school shortly after it came out, but it’s been close to ten years. As I recall, yes, it had its funny moments. But in my eyes, was it this cult classic that so many other members of my generation thought it was? Hell no. In my defense, at the time I was an avid student athlete who wanted nothing to do with the partying scene or any sort of general delinquency (the kind of guy that Seth and co. would have thought was a douche), and hadn’t come to appreciate Jonah Hill yet.

But now, it’s 2017. The Cubs have recently won a World Series, Cleveland is the reigning champion of something called the NBA, and Leo has an Oscar. So here I am, with a 6-pack of Nordeast (to both be in the proper frame of mind and because of the 52 hours I’ve worked in the last 5 days), prepared to give this movie another shot. My thoughts will be chronicled below and also occasionally tweeted with the hashtag #BensSuperbadExperience.

0:30- Okay, the 70’s style technicolor intro is pretty cool. I’d forgotten about that.

4:00- I’ll be honest I never got the whole MILF thing, but I’m less than 10 minutes in to the movie and Seth is just as obnoxious as I remember.

10:00- At least I can still relate to Evan- completely dysfunctional when talking to girls.

22:30- Dave Franco is a good-looking dude. Evan is still obnoxious.

25:40 “What are you trying to be, Fogel, some kind of Irish R&B singer?” That might be the hardest I’ve laughed at this point in the movie. Also, am I the only one who’s never seen this kind of giant, hybrid indoor/outdoor high school campus in real life?

31:30- Alternate ending: Seth didn’t actually imagine the part where he bleeds out at the grocery store, and Donald Trump probably has one less  voter in 2016. Roll credits.

45:10- Holy shit. Flip phones.

1:03:31- One hour and two and a half beers in and I still don’t get it.

1:13:45- Good thing Michael Cera did all that running in Juno.

1:18:30- There’s still 34 minutes left in this movie?


Well, that’s the end of the #BensSuperbadExperience and I still. Just. Don’t. Get. It. There were a handful of laughs to be had and the idea of the awkward guy getting the girl without acting like a frat boy is an idea I can get behind, but… that’s it. Even in a slightly alcohol-induced state of mind, I really don’t have much else redeeming to say about this movie. I’m not opposed to raunchy comedy by any means, but I still don’t see what apparently everyone else saw in this movie.



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