Iowa Assistant Coach Takes A Shot At Minnesota And P.J. Fleck

Row The Boat

When talking about college football recruiting, Iowa Hawkeye Assistant Coach Brian Ferentz took a direct shot at P.J. Fleck and the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

The son of Iowa head coach, Brian Ferentz went on the ‘Hawk Central’ podcast and when asked about college football recruiting, Ferentz didn’t waste any time naming out other coaching staffs and how they recruit.

“What has sped things up (in recruiting) in our state, especially, is the guys in Ames and then the new guys in Minneapolis seem to have no problem really throwing early things out,”

“And what I’ve learned – certainly about the guys in Ames, and I think we’ll find this about the guys in Minneapolis — what does an offer really mean? I can tell you this much: If the University of Iowa offers you a scholarship and you commit to us, we intend to sign you.”

College Football Recruiting

Sounds like someone is getting beat to the punch on some recruits and doesn’t like it. Fleck and company have come out hot for 2018 recruiting this spring. 247 composite rankings has Minnesota as the 10th best recruiting class as of today (5/5/2017). Now I know that those rankings will change, but just the sheer fact that Fleck and the Gophers are getting some decent recruits early is a huge start for the Row The Boat era.

Now when you go look at Iowa, they are ranked 43rd right now for 2018 recruiting. Again, these rankings are going to change. Especially with 13 kids committed to Minnesota and only 5 committed to Iowa right now. So either Iowa has a ton of lines out in the water that they are going to catch fire with recruiting or some of the guys they usually get are starting to go to programs with newer head coaches in Minnesota and Iowa State. I’m not one who pays a ton of attention to college football recruiting, but I would guess that since Ferentz feels the need to take shots at other coaching staffs, that he’s getting beat to the punch a little more than usual.

Guess we will see how this all goes down on October 28th when the Gophers head to Iowa.



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