I Got Chills Watching Joe Mauer Come Out In Catching Gear In His (Possibly) Last Game Ever

In what is most likely his last game in a Twins (or any) uniform, Joe Mauer got the the best possible send off.

First off before the game, Mauer got a welcome surprise as his two daughters were honorary first basemen.

Molly gave Joe the leadoff spot in the batting order, and here is what happened before his first at bat.

Two significant moments happened during the game. In his final at bat of his career most likely. Joe Mauer did what Joe Mauer does best and hit a double to the left gap.

And then the best moment of them all. I don’t need to set the scene for this one.


I really got into the Twins growing up, mostly because my grandma would always watch them. I grew up on Torii Hunter and Brad Radke. Joe Mauer came into the league when I was in my Twins fandom height. Here was this amazingly hyped local kid who was supposed to be great. Well he was.

It’s so rare that someone with so much hype lives up to it. Not only that, but doing it the right way. The St. Paul kid was everything and more. From winning an MVP award to batting titles. He might make the Hall of Fame.

In my eyes, it’s a no-brainer. Joe Mauer is easily the best Twins position player I’ve ever seen live.

Thank you Joe, you made many a summer night enjoyable.

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