Here’s A Vikings Hype Video To Get You Ready For The Playoffs


Need a little motivation to get through the work week before the Vikings playoff game? We got you covered.

Nate Tatro, you beautiful bastard.

Is it too late to put this up for a Oscar nomination? I legit got goosebumps watching this video. This season has went by like a blur. It feels like yesterday we were all talking about how it would suck if AP went off against us in the season opener. Then you blink and it’s been the second best regular season in Minnesota Vikings history.

I actually regret watching this video so early in the week. I NEED it to be Sunday already. I loved the fact that the Vikings earned a bye and got to rest up a little. The down side was watching the AFC Wild Card round. The Titans and Jaguars won playoff games this weekend, just think about that. Then in the NFC you got a 6 seed that’s favored in Vegas over the 1 seed.

It should be a hell of a ride, the Vikings revenge tour starts up Sunday. Let’s do this.


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