Good News Guys, Mike Zimmer Can Get On A Plane Again


After 8 surgeries to repair his torn retina in his right eye, Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer was recently cleared to begin flying again.

From Brian Murphy/Pioneer Press:

Zimmer was examined by an ophthalmologist in Cincinnati and passed another test in his long recovery from multiple surgeries to repair a torn retina in his right eye. He told the Pioneer Press last week he was prepared to drive back from his ranch in northern Kentucky if doctors kept him grounded.

First and foremost, try saying “ophthalmologist”¬†three times fast, ain’t happening. And for those simpletons out there that don’t know what they do (I’m including myself in this, I had no fucking clue), Ophthalmology is “the branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eyeball and orbit. An ophthalmologist is a specialist in medical and surgical eye problems.”¬†according to Wikipedia.

I swear this Vikings team has the worst injury luck. Our Quarterback who is beloved by the whole state of Minnesota was like 7 minutes away from getting his leg amputated last year due to a non-contact injury at training camp. Now our head coach has had more surgeries in the last 5 months that the Kardashians family.

So now we have light at the end of the tunnel for the offseason. Rookies report to camp on July 23rd and the vets roll into Mankato on July 26th. The first preseason game is on August 10th against the Buffalo Bills, so the Twins just have to hold off until then.

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