I Have No Clue How To Feel About These Goldy Gopher Football Helmets


The Gophers wearing special helmets during this Saturday’s game against Middle Tennessee State that will celebrate our mascot, Goldy The Gopher.

Turns out our boy Goldy the Gopher is celebrating a birthday this week and the Gopher football team is celebrating it in style.

I honestly thought this was just a prank when I first saw the picture on Twitter. Not because it was terrible, but because it’s unlike anything else I’ve ever seen on a Gopher football helmet. Initial first reaction after seeing the helmet… Not my favorite. It’s just really out there for Gopher Football. Now I’ve had some time to look at it and I think I’m starting to warm up to the idea.

This isn’t your father’s Gopher Football anymore, things are going to be different under P.J. Fleck. Things are going to get more flashy. I should be embracing it more. These helmets should make people talk either way, hell they are right now as I type. That’s good news for the University of Minnesota. Getting more air time is only going to help this program.

Fuck it, these things are awesome. Grab an oar and let’s get this boat rowing.

Now time to put those helmets and gold on gold uniforms to work and cover that -9 point spread.

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