Goldy The Gopher Is Out Here Clowning Kids


Goldy The Gopher is a hot commodity out on the streets right now. He might be getting a call from the Cleveland Browns after this video of him putting a kid through the turf hit the internet.

This kid has to has to move out of state now, right? No way you can come back from taking a shoulder like that from Goldy. You just know that every kid in school had that video on repeat. Time to move to Idaho or Utah where they don’t have internet and take up soccer.

What a solid month it’s been for our beloved mascot. The Golden Gopher football team decided to honor his birthday with those all-yellow uniforms and that sweet ass helmet earlier and now he’s getting national attention for his aggressive play on the field.

The best part about all this? Our boy Goldy has a track record of putting kids in lockers.

Little pro tip for all the kids out there. If you see Goldy the Gopher with the football running towards you, make like a tree and get the fuck outta there.

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