FOX Sports North Backtracks On Canning ‘Circle Me Bert’ After Backlash

After catching the wrath of the internet, it seems as if Fox Sports North is backing off an announcement that ‘Circle Me Bert’ was dead.

So on Tuesday, Twins broadcaster Bert Blyeven put out a tweet announcing that Fox Sports North had told him that ‘Circle Me Bert’ was no more.


A couple hours later during the Wild game, FS North put out this tweet confirming what Bert had said earlier.

Nothing with ‘Circle Me Bert’ included in the confirmation tweet, they just say that “signs are encouraged”. Then everyone, including us, starting voicing our displeasure with the choice. Then this morning, Fox Sports North starting signing a different tune…


“Haha just kidding guys, you just misunderstood us when we literally said that “Bert broke the news”. I get that Bert only does like 30 games a year now in the booth, but the way they went about it just didn’t feel right and they realized they better change it back quick. I think the “Circle Me’ movement will be around for a long time, even after Bert steps out of the broadcast booth. You’ve got guys like me who have known really nothing else besides the signs at games and seeing them on TV. You know you’re going to get two things during a Twins broadcast with Dick and Bert. You’re going to get ‘Circle Me Bert’ signs and you’re also going to get that annoying “you may not rebroadcast this game without the written consent of Major League Baseball” PSA that has to be said sometime after the 6th inning.

Props to FS North for being able to recognize that they fucked up and reverse it before it escalated too much, but don’t try to tell us that we all misunderstood.

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