We’ve Found The Ultimate Michael Bay Fanboy


After watching the latest Transformers movie, one fan in particular seems to think Michael Bay should direct every movie ever.

So on a rainy Sunday, I decided to go check out Transformers: The Last Knight in theaters. I know going in what to expect: a shit plot, Autobots taking on Decepticons, Optimus Prime giving a solid rah-rah speech, someone trying to destroy the earth, and a new smokeshow to look at. Those movies make serious bank overseas and such, it’s a cash cow for Hollywood. The Transformers franchise knows what they are doing, and I don’t mind shutting off my brain for 2+ hours and just enjoying the special effects and action.

So after I go see a movie, I usually wander over to the movie subreddit and see what other people are saying about the movie. Most people had the same thing to say about The Last Knight, that the plot stunk and something about the ratio aspect being out of whack. Then I saw someone mention how they were looking at the user reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and happened to stumble upon a guy who thought this movie should be up for an Oscar.

Biggest Michael Bay Fan

So I go to check this guy’s opinion on the movie, and I think it’s safe to say we’ve found the world’s biggest Michael Bay fan.

I pray this guy isn’t a troll and actually believes what he says, and until it’s proven otherwise, this is what I’m choosing to believe. I just picture this guy at the water cooler on Monday and getting into an argument on how the Transformers franchise is the greatest thing to happen to Hollywood ever. “La La Land and the Titanic? Those are trash. Give me more exploding buildings and cheesy one-liners”. Lewis0910 doesn’t just stop at this one review either…

One of the most critically acclaimed movies of the summer, Wonder Woman, can’t evade the wrath of lewis0910. If you’ve seen the trailer for it, then you’re already set. And Star Wars movies? Forget about it, those are a waste of time according to Lew. Rogue One was apparently hot garbage and deserves to be only used as a form of torture. But hey, if Michael Bay gets involved, then we got ourselves the best movie EVER. Lewis has already written off The Last Jedi, no way that movie could be any good unless Bay is behind the wheel.

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