For Some Reason The Timberwolves Deleted A Hilarious Tweet Today

Earlier today, the Minnesota Timberwolves decided to get in on the action after the news last night of the Philadelphia 76ers’ president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo and multiple burner accounts on Twitter.

So if you’ve had your head buried underneath a rock the past 20 hours or so, you might be slightly confused. So the spark notes version of all this is that The Ringer released an absolute bombshell of a piece last night outing Colangelo for having 5 burner accounts on Twitter. Now that alone isn’t bad, I would assume that most executives in all the pro leagues have burner accounts to keep tabs on things. The bad part is what Colangelo was tweeting. The man was disclosing private information in tweets and straight up bashing his own players. You can see how that can be bad news now. So the news spread and now it turns out that the Sixers have now announced that they are officially investigating these claims.

So today, the Timberwolves released that tweet, which was a small video of them “logging off” an account that looked like a burner account. Pretty funny stuff. An indirect shot to get something going during the offseason. That’s a smart social move. But then it was gone not long after. My guess is the NBA corporate office sent out an email or phone call to the teams telling them to not touch the subject. It sucks but I get it. Can’t blame them for wanting to try and see how this all plays out before having other teams taking shots.

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