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Everson Griffen Is Coming Back To The Vikings


After a long absence from the team, defensive end Everson Griffen will be rejoining the Minnesota Vikings this week.

We have been in communication with Everson’s medical professionals throughout this process and have relied on his recommendations regarding the appropriate next steps for Everson. We are excited to welcome Everson back to the Vikings and to see him around teammates, coaches, and staff – people who care deeply about his well-being. Our focus will continue to be on providing an on-going support system for Everson and his family. 

– Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman

Somewhat surprising news coming out of Eagan tonight. The thing about this whole ordeal is there’s no playbook for something like this. No one had a clue how long it would be before Griffen would be back on the field. I figured after the bye would be the earliest, but you bet your ass I cracked a smile when I saw the notification that #97 would be resuming team activities this week.

Football aside, here’s to hoping the Griffen has gotten and will continue to get help. That comes before football. From an outside perspective it looks like the Vikings have been pretty good in doing whatever they can to help Ev in his battle.

Now for the football part of this, can you imagine the energy and noise that will come if Griffen sacks Drew Brees at U.S. Bank Stadium Sunday night against the Saints? I need to see that sack daddy dance like I need air.

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