Vikings Cut One Dan For Another

Daniel Carlson

After a kicking performance that will be talked about for quite a while, rookie kicker Daniel Carlson was shown his walking papers.

If you’re reading this, there’s no need to recap what happened because every outlet has already covered it and you were most likely watching the game.

So let’s start with the news today that Daniel Carlson was cut by the Vikings.

The highest kicker the Vikings have ever drafted is now looking for a job. I’m not here to bag on the guy, I’m sure he’s heard that plenty. On a human level, I feel bad for the guy. Dude sets not only school records at Auburn, but conference records. And that’s the SEC, not some junk conference like the WAC. He gets drafted to do what he’s trained to do, what he’s good at. But for some reason, he couldn’t make his muscle memory work the correct way when the lights were bright. His leg strength wasn’t the case, and it usually isn’t when kickers get cut. I legit hope he gets another shot somewhere (preferably the AFC) and does well.

So now where do the Vikings go?

From one Dan to another.

Bailey, who’s got a 88% career field goal completion rate, looks to be the next in a long line of kickers for Minnesota. I like the move and it makes the most sense, but one has to wonder why he got cut from Dallas. I’ve read it was a cap thing and he was injured last season. If that’s all it was, great. Sign him up. But if there’s something more, well I guess we will find out soon enough.


One final note, during his Monday press conference Mike Zimmer was asked about the decision to cut Carlson and gave what can only be described as one of the most savage answers ever.

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