Dalvin Cook Goes Down Because We Are Cursed With Knee Injuries

Dalvin Cook

This is becoming an all too familiar feeling for Minnesota Vikings fans as it’s feared that Dalvin Cook could be out for the season with a knee injury.

Time is a mother fucking flat circle.

Another game, another prominent member of the Vikings offense goes down with a knee injury. Dalvin Cook was having a hell of a start to his rookie season, having the second most rushing yards before going down. Now it looks like his season could be over after a non-contact knee injury.

Knee injuries are becoming a staple of Viking fans vocabulary lately. Teddy’s knee is a constant source of content, with speculation stacking up week by week as to if he will be able to play when he can come off the PUP list. Then we have the knee problems with Sam Bradford. His knee problems come from multuple ACL injuries that have built up so much scar tissue that right now we aren’t even sure how bad his “bone bruise” is. We know it’s bad enough that he can’t play when he’s in a contract year, so it can’t be good. And now we have Dalvin Cook. Because why the fuck not?

It really does feel like this team has been cursed. Minnesota sports fans like to joke around about always getting the short straw when it comes to these things. But at what point do you start to actually believe this shit? It’s hard for me to get mad at anyone in the front office or coaching staff, hard to get things moving when guys who are essential to the success of your team are down to one knee like NFL sidelines.

So now the team is 2-2, with Latavius Murray and Jerick McKinnon as our running backs for presumedly the rest of the season. McKinnon made about 15 mistakes today. The dude might be the only one who is less competent between the ears on kickoffs than Cordarrelle Patterson, which I didn’t think was possible.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another with this team. It is certainly never boring…

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