Conor McGregor Wins At UFC 202

UFC 202

I feel bad that I Periscoped that fight, I’ll admit it. Conor McGregor won by a narrow decision against Nate Diaz at UFC 202 in Las Vegas, and it was the best UFC fight I have ever watched. 

I don’t watch every UFC event, I’m only here for the ones that will make me regret it if I don’t watch. That comes out to about 2-3 events a year. If every UFC event was like the one I watched tonight, you could take a hefty sum of my paycheck. That was a natural high watching McGregor and Diaz in the octagon.

UFC 202

I’m no expert at MMA, so I can’t give you a good description of why or how McGregor won. All I can tell you is that there was about 8 times during that match that it looked like Conor was running on empty and Diaz was going to club him to the ground and end it.

Diaz took so many damn punches to the dome and just kept moving forward. The dude kept egging McGregor to keep it coming, which made the fight all more interesting. McGregor had one thing down from the start, and that was hammering the right leg of Diaz.

Annnnd now we find out that McGregor broke his damn foot doing it!

The dude literally broke his leg. That’s amazing.

There’s no way these two don’t have a rematch, there’s too much money in play. Dana White has to be licking his lips, and the new ownership group gets to feel good about paying a shit ton of money for the UFC brand. White and company have to be grinning ear to ear after tonight. They get their golden goose back and now the hype will only grow. McGregor is the perfect guy for UFC. Loud, charismatic, and backs it up. Diaz is the perfect counter-part. The brash dude who takes the best shot from his opponent and grins. It was the perfect fight for UFC 202. Then does stuff like this:

I’ve never legitimately bought a UFC fight, McGregor v Diaz 3 will most likely be the one to break that trend.

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