I Find Myself Rooting For The Browns After The First Episode Of Hard Knocks

After the first episode of the new season of Hard Knocks, I’m finding it extremely hard not to root for the Cleveland Browns.

If you didn’t catch the first episode of the new Hard Knocks season, get with the program. It’s 2018 and it’s like $14 bucks a month for HBO. Trust me it’s worth the investment for Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Ballers (yes I do like that show), Succession and Hard Knocks. It’s actually probably worth way more then the one trip to the movies (RIP MoviePass).

The first episode of the new Hard Knocks does a good job of laying the groundwork of the team, with the main points being the Head Coach Hue Jackson, new wide receiver Jarvis Landry and the QB’s.

Hue Jackson isn’t new to Hard Knocks. I believe it was 2013 when the Bengals were the team and Hue was the RB coach before he got promoted to OC. I’ve always dug Coach Jackson, seemed like a decent dude. You really see his character in the first episode as a guy you want to root for. First off he has to stay positive after going 1-31 in Cleveland. That isn’t an easy task. Then within two weeks of this episode, Jackson loses both his brother and his mother. Now I have no clue how I would do in that situation, but I guarantee you I wouldn’t handle it 1/10th as well as coach did.

Jarvis Landry seems to be the dude for the Browns now. First off, how on earth Landry got dealt for two laterish picks (a 4th and 7th) is insane. Dude catches a minimum of like 80 balls a year and the Dolphins traded him for what’s going to amount to a special teamer and a practice squad player. That’s how GM’s lose their jobs. Landry is going to be the person who both Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield lean on the most.

Speaking of Taylor and Mayfield. It’s tough to come back from a 0-16 season, but having those two under center help. Tyrod was a pretty decent QB for Buffalo the last couple of seasons and I personally think Mayfield is special. The dude just has the X factor and I think his teammates are going to play for him real quick.

Just a bunch of likeable dudes on this team. I need real football here real bad guys.

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