Last Second 2018 NBA Mock Draft

HURRY! EVERYONE GATHER ROUND! WE DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME! We’re only a few short hours from the start of the 2018 NBA Draft and I’ve waited til the last second to build my mock.  I do this for two reasons: First, draft day trades are absurdly frustrating when you feel like you have a good mock. Second, there’s so much misdirection and flip-flopping leading up to the draft that you don’t get a very clear picture til about…….NOW! 1. Phoenix Suns- DeAndre Ayton This has been the pick for weeks. …

May The Force Be With Us: Every Timberwolves Player and Their Star Wars Character

A long time ago… In a galaxy far, far, away… Clan Timberwolves of the planet North are in the playoff hunt for the first time in over a decade but still haven’t reached their potential. Sitting behind the powerhouse planets of San Antonio and Golden State, while also dealing with the dangerous clans of the Rockets and Trail Blazers, it has been difficult for clan T-Wolves to get ahead and build momentum. Needless to say, I’ve got a bad feeling about this. To take down some of the superpowers of…

Gophers Men’s Basketball Ranked 15th in Preseason Polls


Fifteenth, huh? Does this mean the Sweet Sixteen is a lock? I’m pretty sure that’s how this works. Go ahead and circle March 22nd/23rd 2018 on your calendar. If the Associated Press or Coaches Poll know what the hell they’re talking about, that’s when Gophers Men’s Basketball will end their season. You can’t be fifteenth and reach the Elite Eight. It’s simple math.