Can We Declare War On The KHL?

World Juniors

If the rumors are true, Minnesota Wild Russian prospect Kirill Kaprizov is signing a 3-year extension with his team in the KHL and now I hate everything about that league.

From Russo/Star Tribune:

“Not long after KHL Insider Aivis Kalnins tweeted that stud Wild prospect Kirill Kaprizov would be signing a three-year extension with CSKA Moscow, the Kontinental Hockey League confirmed the news and quoted team President Igor Esmantovich as saying, “He will stay in Russia for next three years.”


So there it is. Now technically we haven’t had confirmation from Kaprizov himself, but all accounts point to Kap signing a nice extension to stay with CSKA Moscow for the next couple of years. That fucking sucks. This kid was turning out to be the Wild’s possible top prospect. The guy was lighting up the KHL at 19 years old, scoring at a higher pace than Evgeny Kuznetsov did at that age in the KHL. This was going to be a guy who would be a top-9 forward for us the moment he stepped foot on U.S. soil. Now we have to wait at least another 3 years it seems.

You really can’t blame Kaprizov THAT much personally. I mean if they money is close to what he would be making here and he gets a spot on the olympic team, who can blame him? But I can blame this all on the KHL. Fuck those guys. The one time we have a exciting scoring prospect from your country and Team Russia wouldn’t let the Minnesota front office sit down with Kap at the World Juniors last year. The team has never met the kid in person yet.

Kaprizov Timeline

The only good thing is that it seems like our rights to Kaprizov don’t expire, which means if he gets the itch to come play in the NHL after his contract, he’s ours. And looking at it, the guy will be 24 at the oldest if he decides to take that route. I would much rather have him here earlier, but it’s not like he will be 29 if/when he comes.

Now we all have to come together and channel our hate against Russia at the upcoming winter olympics.With the impending doom of Gary Bettman and the NHL in regards to participation of NHL players in the olympics, Russia feels like they are going to be the favorites to take home the gold. Ovi has already publicly said that he’s going to play for Mother Russia this winter. I hope they tank worse than the Hindenburg after this bullshit. Hopefully Slovakia upsets them in pool play and then the US gets a chance to knock them out of the tournament before medal play even begins.

So now the whole country is on our shit list. Putin, Russia, the KHL, Maria Sharapova, all of ’em.

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