Bold Move By Jimmy Butler To Give Out His Phone Number

Jimmy Butler

As Jimmy Butler was taking questions at his introductory press conference with the Timberwolves, he decided to give his phone number out to everyone.

Gotta hand it to Jimmy Buckets, publicly giving out your phone number so all the haters can come at you for an interview is a ballsy move. The dude is going to have to get a new number or just keep that for his fan phone and get another phone plan just for personal use. That phone is going to be blowing up more than Galaxy Note 7’s on airplanes.

Responding To Phone Calls

Ok, so most would think that Jimmy Butler isn’t really going to keep replying to people now that he gave out his number, right? Well turns out, Butler isn’t messing around when he says that he wants to get involved in the community and interact with fans.

taking all calls 😂😂 and y'all thought it was a game!

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You want to win over a fanbase quick? Do more of this shit. All I knew about Jimmy Butler a week ago is that he’s usually a solid dude to use when I play NBA 2K. But after seeing the Timberwolves sign him and hearing him talk about wanting to bring this team back to the playoffs and doing this kind of stuff with the phone number, I’m starting to drink the Kool-Aid. According to Bovada, right now the Timberwolves have the 6th best odds to win the NBA Championship, tied with the Toronto Raptors. Now I’m no mathematician, but after not making the NBA playoffs since before YouTube was invented, this seems like progress.

Jimmy Butler has brought some hype to this team that needed it badly. The guy is going to be able to lead KAT, Wiggins and company. The Target Center should be a little more electric this winter, hopefully to some playoff games here sometime soon.

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