Bachelorette Power Rankings—Week 8

The Bachelorette

I’ve got way too many Tia-Colton takes.

First. Man, I forgot how much Bekah, the like 22-year-old from Arie’s season, sucks. Her little comments and astonished looks during the whole Tia thing are just trash. She also tweeted a picture of Tia and Colton:

Trash Bekah.

#2. Bekah in that tweet was 100% right. Colton and Tia definitely manufactured this whole thing!!! We all saw this coming from a mile away, and even more once it was announced that Tia was on the roster for Paradise.

Lastly. COLTON’S DAD WAS IN ON IT THE WHOLE TIME. What is going on here??? This situation is complete trash, and I’m going to be sick of this storyline by the end of the first week of Paradise. Saying that, god damn is the couple good looking.

I suppose we better actually talk about the hometown’s though.

Hometown 1: Garrett

Hometown Grade: B- Competitor Grade: B+

Garrett did it to em. Being a farmer, I obviously represented with Garrett’s hometown very much. Also, I have never seen tomatoes being planted in a commercial setting which was pretty cool, although they were both doing an AWFUL job of planting the tomatoes. Gotta think the farm’s yield potential went down slightly because of it.

Anyway, for the haters out there that say kissing while driving tractor is not possible. Trust me, it is.

I love how Garrett’s family handled the situation. They obviously understood that Garrett has a ¾ chance of getting his heart broken, they made sure Garrett knew the risks, and were accepting of whatever Garrett’s decisions would be moving forward.

Hometown 2: Jason

Hometown Grade: A- Competitor Grade: B

Okay I know that it’s obvious now, but I just realized that the “Buffalo” for Buffalo Wings is because of Buffalo, New York. Damn, my third eye was opened last night. Also, thank god my love for blue cheese on Buffalo Wings is warranted, because I’m all in and so are the inventors, so I must be right.

The hockey part of the date was tight, and Jason was a player. Was I wrong to hope that Jason just slapped a one timer and it accidently hits Becca in the face? Would have been some quality content.

Final Part of the date came with Jason taking Becca home to the family where Jason realized his feelings for Becca, because of the conversation he had with his brother and brother-in-law. Jason took these feelings to Becca, and we got the second hard L of the show so far.

Hometown 3: Blake

Hometown Grade: C- Competitor Grade: A+

Man, Blake keeps doing the most with the least. Blake’s hometown was by far the least spectacular and frankly kind of weird. It’s definitely a little bit of a red flag to bring the girl you want to marry back to the place where you are a hall of famer and just have all of your teachers just gas you up. Saying that, Blake needs to bring back the lettuce. Would definitely play in Minnesota.

Anyway, we found out the main reason Blake brought her to his former high school, because the high school went through a school shooting. Blake was then able to open up about how his changed his outlook on life and Becca ate it up.

Two final notes from Blake’s hometown. First, Blake’s mom’s hair was looking like a full movie theater bucket of popcorn. Second, Blake cemented himself as the frontrunner, because of this hometown.

Hometown 4: Colton

Colton just flexed his dick on the entire competition. He really had to bring Becca to the Children’s hospital that Colton started a charity to help. Wow. What a power move.

Saying that Colton really sucks. He keeps bringing up not only the virgin thing, but he also lied about not bringing any girl home!! From multiple sources on twitter, Aly Raisman was the first.


Let’s do the damn thing.

Who’s Gone:

Colton: I’ve said enough about this guy, and I am going to be very very very very sick of him after Paradise. Also, I really wish Chris Harrison told Colton that he had to sleep with Becca at fantasy suites. That would have been some fantastic content.

3. Jason (↔)

Jason might be giving Leo a run for his money when it comes to who is going to get the next Bachelor. He also got gassed up by Becca to all the other girls of how good of a kisser he is, because of this Jason could be a monumental player in Paradise if he so chooses to be apart of it. Also, how much of a power couple would Kendall and Jason be? Just tossing it out there to see where it lands. Anyway, Jason made it and he’s about to head to the fantasy suites with our girl Becca.

2. Garrett (↔)

MY MANS GARRETT. Maybe it’s the tractor, maybe it’s Garrett’s welcoming smile, or maybe it’s his personality, but I think that him and Becca would be the perfect match. Saying that, I now think that he is going to get second, to the #1 of the week…

1. Blake (↔)

No movers this week, but I think we all got a better understanding of how Becca feels about each of these individuals, with Blake being the frontrunner.

See you next week.



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